Symptoms Of Low Testosterone

Reduced Sex Drive

Do you feel like having sex less often than you used to? Are you not enjoying sex as much? Are you experiencing erectile dysfunction? Is this affecting your relationship with your partner?

Muscle and Strength Loss

Are you frustrated that your muscle mass and strength are reducing while your fat levels are increasing? Are you finding it difficult to build up your muscles and losing motivation?

Erectile Dysfunction

Are you suffering from low sex drive, weak and infrequent erections or poor sexual performance? Is this spoiling your sexual desire and relationships? The solution might be simple...

Depressed Moods

Have you lost your sense of well-being, feeling tired and generally depressed? Is this impacting on your life and those of your loved ones?


Are you feeling tired and low most of the time? Do you find it too much effort to do the things you used to enjoy?

Your fatigue may be caused by low Testosterone.

Weight Gain

Do you find that no matter how much you exercise or how little you eat, it is almost impossible to reduce the weight around your belly?