Do you feel like having sex less often than you used to? Are you not enjoying sex as much? Are you experiencing erectile dysfunction? Is this affecting your relationship with your partner?

Low Testosterone levels could be the cause. Without adequate Testosterone, low libido in men is common.

The impacts of low libido can be devastating to your sense of well-being and adversely affect your relationships.

You can do something about it. Imagine how life would be if you could get back to enjoying sex as much and as often as you used to. Imagine how happy your partner would be to have the old you back?

Treatment is available to help you do just that. Testosterone therapy has helped thousands of Australians and it could help you too. Testosterone therapy raises the level of Testosterone in your body.

Testosterone levels gradually decline as men age, typically from about the age of 30. For some men this level drops so low that it begins to affect their sex life and their performance.

Other common symptoms of low Testosterone include:

  • Erectile dysfunction,

  • Fatigue,

  • Depression,

  • Inability to concentrate,

  • Loss of muscle mass, and

  • Increase in body fat, particularly around the belly


If you are suffering from a loss of libido and any or all of the other symptoms, it is no surprise that you are looking for answers.

Testosterone therapy may be just what you need. Men who have taken Testosterone therapy have reported sex drive returning quite quickly and other symptoms disappearing.

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Reduced Sex Drive