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Muscle and Strength Loss

Are you frustrated that your muscle mass and strength are reducing while your fat levels are increasing? Are you finding it difficult to build up your muscles and losing motivation?

Your Testosterone levels may be the key to the problem.

Finding out if you have low Testosterone is simple and treatment is available. We have helped thousands of Australians improve their Testosterone levels and get back their zest for life through testosterone therapy, and we could help you too.

Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone. Most people associate testosterone with a man's sex drive, but it plays a bigger role than that.

Testosterone is essential for the greater muscle mass and bone strength that men have. It also plays a role in how much, and where, fat is deposited on your body.

As men age, natural Testosterone production declines. Low Testosterone levels can cause many unwelcome symptoms that can be detrimental to your overall health. These are not necessarily just signs of aging but can be attributable to hormone imbalance.

If your Testosterone levels are low, you may be experiencing:

  • Loss of muscle mass and strength,

  • An increase in body fat, particularly around the belly,

  • Low sex drive or poor sexual performance,

  • Fatigue, and

  • Depression


Low Testosterone can also affect your motivation to exercise and your ability to concentrate.

If you want to build your muscle mass and strength, or retain the muscle mass you have and your Testosterone levels are low – you have a real challenge on your hands. But it may be possible through Testosterone therapy.

Testosterone therapy has helped many men recover from the symptoms of low Testosterone and get their lives back. It could do the same for you.

Imagine what your life would be like if you could increase your energy levels and your muscle strength. Wouldn’t that increase your sense of well-being and improve your quality of life?

Take one simple step to improve your strength and endurance. 

Call us today on 1300 983 126.

Find out today if you have low testosterone levels and how testosterone therapy can help you. Simply call us or do the online assessment and one of our friendly consultants will contact you to discuss your treatment options.

When you take the online assessment or book in for a consultation, you will have a better idea if you do have low Testosterone and how Testosterone therapy could help you.

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

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